Is This it? b/w Nothing At All To Write Home About 

Is This It? b/w Nothing at All 
To Write Home About 

Memorable and commercial, full of vocal and guitar hooks that grab you like barbed wire. Barret sounds a bit "like pete Townshend vocally, as well as, demonstrating a knack for catchy, classic chord progressions. 

This is certainly one of the year's finest pop 45s from North Carolina. (101 Lindsay St., Carrboro, NC 27510) 


MATT BARRETT: Is This It?/Nothing At All To Write Home About (745; Ruse, 101 Undsay St, Carrboro, NC 27510)

Instantly memorable! Barrett, along with assorted NC superstars, etfortiessty come up with a plethora at vocal/guitar melodic hooks that make commercial radio sound lame by comparison. With a voice reminiscent of Pete Townshend's sweetest tones and knack for catchy, classic chord progrssions, Barett is certainly the archetypal "undiscovered local talent" that major labels hunger for, a la Tommy Keene. 

A side pulses sneakily into your mental list of summer tunes; B side rocks like Chilton on an inspired evening, neat slide guitar in there, solid drumming. Essential listening. Produced by Wes Lachot 

-Fred Mills